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January 21, 2014 by E-Vetiwork

BLOG : The security, an obligation for the employer

Safety at work is something important, but who must take care of the expenses link to the safety of the use at his place of work ? We try here to answer this question, according to the different sectors.

The labour code and the employer

The act, and the labour code give a number of obligations for employers. In addition to the remuneration of the employee, it must allow him to work in optimal conditions of safety, and to respect the standards of protection, in accordance with their sector of activity.

Who should pay for the security ?

When a sector presents security risk to an employee, as a danger of a fall, a crushing of the feet, or cut hazard. It is the resort of the employer to preserve the use of risk in the workplace.

If the standards make mandatory the wearing of a helmet anti-shock, it is necessary for the employer to bear the cost of it, as well as maintenance. All at the expense of the employer.

-Article : R4323-95 – job Code-

"The personal protective equipment and work clothing referred to in article R. 4321-4 are provided free of charge by the employer which ensures their correct operation and their maintenance in a hygienic state satisfactory for the servicing, repair, and replace as required. These provisions constitute no obstacle to the terms and conditions of supplies of personal protective equipment laid down by article L. 1251-23, for the temporary employees. "

You are acting ?

In the area of acting, it is the temp agency who should be responsible for the cost of the safety equipment, be it clothing or work shoes safety.

-Article : L1251-23 and L1251-43 – the labour Code-

" The personal protective equipment are provided by the user, with the exception of personal protective equipment, custom provided by the temporary employment company.The employee temporary should not bear the financial burden of the personal protective equipment. "

To summarize, the clothing and safety footwear will never be at the expense of the employee.

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