10 February 2014

BLOG: Importance of ESD standard

Why the ESD standard is important for safety footwear and clothing for electricians.

Safety shoes may have different standards, negotiate the working conditions of your sector. The ESD standard part, this standard is ideal for electricians and all trades faced with electrostatic discharge.

Definition of an electrostatic discharge (ESD):

It is the momentary current path between two objects with different electric fields. This may damage the electronics. This may be serious for integrated circuits, which generate voltages from 10 000 to 30 000 volts.

The ESD standard:

ESD, is an additional standard that may have certain safety footwear, in addition to the main standards (S1, S2, S3,...).

It protects electronic devices from electrostatic elements General.

The norm 61340-5-1 certified ESD safety shoes allow electrostatic dissipation. A safety shoe is said to be "transitory - ESD" when its electrical resistance is between 5.0 x 104 Ohm and 108 Ohm.

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