January 21, 2014

BLOG: Security, an obligation for the employer

Safety in the workplace is something important, but who should take in charge the expenses bind security to use it on his place of work? We try here to answer this question according to the different sectors.

The labour code and the employer

Act, and the labour code give several obligations to employers. In addition to the remuneration of the employee, it must allow to work in optimal conditions of security, and standards for protection, in accordance with its sector of activity.

Who should pay for security?

When a sector presents a security risk for an employee, such as a risk of falling, a crushing of the legs, or danger of cutting. It is the resort of the employer of preserved using it risks in the workplace.

If standards make mandatory port of a headset shock, it is necessary for the employer to support the cost of one - ci, as well as its maintenance. All the burden of the employer.

-Article: R4323-95 - Code of work-

« Personal protective equipment and the clothing of work referred to in article r. 4321-4 are provided free of charge by the employer which ensures their functioning and their maintenance in a sanitary condition satisfactory to interviews, repairs and replacements required. These provisions shall not preclude the supplies of personal protective equipment requirements laid down in article L. 1251-23, for temporary employees. »

You are acting?

In the area of acting, it is the temporary agency that must support the cost of safety equipment, be it garment working or shoes Security.

-Article: L1251-23 and L1251-43 - working - Code

« Personal protective equipment are provided by the user, with the exception of the custom personal protective equipment provided by the temporary employment business.The temporary employee must not bear the financial burden of the personal protective equipment. »

To summarize, the clothing and safety footwear will never be borne by the employee.

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