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Specialist PPE

Workwear and Safety Footwear- Safety Shoes (Bass and Tops. - High visibility clothing. - Blouses Pants and medical, food. - Medical Clogs. - Protective gloves. - Helmets and Safety glasses.E-Vetiwork is a shop specializing in workwear and safety footwear for men and women. All our clothes are the latest normes.Pour all demand large quantities, please contact us for an estimate on contact@e-vetiwork.com.Check out our store in Lyon Villeurbanne.


Vetiwork personalize your outfits the way you want your company logo or text advertising.
Flocking is available for all types of clothing: coats, jackets, parkas, high visibility, bags, pants, Tshirt.

For quote, please contact us on contact@e-vetiwork.com or by phone at


Workwear and safety footwear

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The E- VETIWORK products perfectly meet the requirements of quality standards , reliability and handicraft industry, regardless of the industry.

Fast delivery, quick return .

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